TXTLock Documentation

Useful notes:

Entering the PIN
When you 'load' your encrypted file TXTLock will also ask you for your PIN.
Use the ARROW Keys to dial and RETURN to confirm.

To backup your Data you can use an Online Cloud service like 'Dropbox' with TXTLock. Use 'parameter' to add the path of the sync folder and TXTLock will save it there when ever you use the command 'cloud' or 'quit'.

You can define the Keys F1-F12 with commands or database names of your choice. Use the command 'set fkey' to set and 'list fkeys' to list your FKeys.

To create a structure with sub directories use:
'mkdir' creates a new sub directory.
'cd' to change the directory.
'home' to go back to '//' (home directory).

To enter your PIN to access your data (not for 'set PIN') use the ARROW Keys.

'help' shows all commands.

Text Editor
If you want to use a different text editor [Default: Nano (Linux) / Notepad (Windows)] then use the one you like. Use 'parameter' and enter the path incl. executable file so TXTLock can find it and use it.

A good combination is the following sequence:
'find files', creates a filelist from specified files in various folders
'unique', removes doublicate files so that only one file remains
'copy unique', copies all unique files to a specified folder

Some hosts have a file limit (e.g. 10 MB). Make sure you know this limit before you upload any files. If the file size exceeds the file limit then the file will be deleted on the FTP server without any warnings. 'ftp upload' will split files in 8 MB chunks. If your host has a file limit lower than 8 MB then change the split size with 'parameter'.

Your TXTLock data file is encrypted with: Password + PIN + TXTLock private key.
If you want to use your TXTLock data file on another machine or a different folder then you need to export your TXTLock private key (use 'export key') and copy it in the TXTLock folder of the new destination. TXTLock will use this private key file automatically to decrypt your TXTLock data file.
Note: TXTLock creates for every TXTLock data file a different private key!

Hint: You can stop reading any Text by pressing 'Q'.

Use 'parameter' for various settings.