About TXTLock

The background story of TXTLock!

My Name is Markus Goetz and I am the creator of TXTLock. I started this project in 2015 with the idea to create a program that could store anything that is important in a single encrypted file.

I also wanted to create a command controlled program without any graphics.

TXTLock is now able to do exactly what its build for: To create, modify and access huge txtblocks with single commands. TXTLock is still far from complete. But it works.

And it is fast - very fast!

The base is complete - but the development continues to add more features / commands to TXTLock.

TXTLock has over 110 commands.

I am testing TXTLock as often as I can - especially when I introduce new features. But mistakes happen. If something does not work as intended then please let me know. I will fix it as soon as possible und post an update here afterwards.

Please post comments or bugs or anything else regarding TXTLock on Twitter using #txtlockdatabase .

Creating a program and a website like this takes a lot of time and effort. If you like what you see here then support me by making a donation. Any amount is welcome.

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in TXTLock.

Markus Goetz